(Pronounced Moy’afya; means Heart Health in Swahili)
Discover Truly Integrated Telecardiology

Philips and iMedrix bring you comprehensive screening and diagnostics solution combining the versatility of Lumify Ultrasound and KardioScreen ECG

Incredible Ultrasound images & best in class ECG signal quality
Mobile – Connected Ultra Portable
Seamless integration with clinical workflow, complemented with world class security

Philips Lumify Ultrasound & iMedrix KardioScreen ECG

Connected Cardiac Care... Anywhere
Lumify Ultrasound
Easy Setup & Use
Incredible Image Quality
Data Security & Encryption
Simple Sharing & Multitasking
Real-time Updates to Your Tablet
Ongoing Support
KardioScreen ECG
Rugged, Lightweight & Pocket-Sized
Accurate & Comprehensive
Trusted & Certified
Risk Classification
Early Detection of Heart Disease
Real-time Alerts for Acute Events

Discover Truly Integrated Telecardiology

Lumify + KardioScreen – Medical Grade Risk Assessment for Heart Health

With the vision to democratize access to best-in-class, medical grade screening and diagnostics for cardiovascular disease, Philips and iMedrix bring you an integrated Telecardiology solution with a capability to bring patients, places and professionals together, to make a real difference.

Harnessing the power of mobility, data and AI to deliver real-time risk assessment, monitoring and physician consult when needed; the Telecardiology platform is easy to use, enhances patient outcomes, and lowers cost of care.

Learn more about the Integrated Telecardiology Solution
Cloud based & User friendly
Accurate & Comprehensive
Trusted & Certified

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